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Dear Fellow Orange County Residents,

Assemblyman Steven Choi

I am so honored and humbled to serve as your Assemblyman. Thank you, and thank you again for this honor.

My values reflect those of our district. As a small business owner, I'm bringing real-world, job creating experience to Sacramento. As Mayor, I led America's Best Run City and the Safest Big City in America. As a husband and father, I raised my family in the 68th District, and my children graduated from our public schools here.

As your representative in the California legislature, my commitment to you is straightforward:

  • I will fight against the stream of continuous tax increases constantly put forward by Sacramento politicians.
  • I will work to repeal the layers of job-killing, anti-business regulations and bad laws that have made it so difficult for our economy to thrive the way that it should.

Californians need:

  • Tax cuts so that more money stays in family budgets rather than in the state budget.
  • Regulatory and legislative reform to foster business development and growth, and job creation.
  • The repeal many of the laws that have taken away local control and moved power to the politicians in Sacramento especially in the area of education.

These are just some of the important areas that I am focusing on as your representative. I know trying to bring common sense to the State Capitol is a daunting task, but together I know we can do it! Together, let's make California a better place to live.

It is my privilege and honor to serve the people of the 68th Assembly District. God bless you.


Steven Choi
Assemblyman, 68th District

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