What People Are Saying

“We appreciate his strong and constant support for Proposition 13 and excellent service to taxpayers.”

John Coupal, President
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

“Dr. Choi is a small business owner who is using his experience to keep and create the jobs needed to recover while protecting our small businesses.”

Betty Jo Tocolli, President
California Small Business Association

“Our choice to protect families from crime and violence.”

Eric Nuñez, President, California Police Chiefs Association

“By advancing tech Initiatives, Steven Choi helped attract companies in the IT and biomedical fields to Orange County.”

Lucy Dunn, Orange County Business Council*
*title for identification purpose only

“Steven co-authored legislation to provide paid family leave benefits to parents who need to stay home to care for a child whose school was shut down by the coronavirus.”

Cynthia Valladares, Mother

“Dr. Choi co-authored legislation to fight price gouging for food and essential products during the pandemic helped protect consumers”

Jose Prozato, Retired