Creating Better Paying Full-Time Jobs

Dr. Choi is a small business owner who earned the “Guardian of Small Business Award” from the California National Federation of Independent Business –because he is actively helping Orange County’s small businesses.

• Tax Credits for New jobs. Authored AB 1216 to provide a tax credit for employers who increase their workforce by 20 full-time employees.

• Creating Better-Paying Jobs. As Mayor, Dr. Choi worked hard to create a positive business environment and create jobs by initiating the Mayor’s Business Advisory Council and the iTAC – Irvine Tech Advisory Council.

• Partnering with Small Business. Formed the Mayor’s Business Advisory Council to develop and attract businesses and create jobs.

• Bringing Better Paying Jobs to Orange County. Advanced the Irvine Tech Valley Initiative to attract and help startup companies in the IT and Bio/medical fields.

Tackling the Homeless Problem

Assemblyman Choi is particularly concerned about homeless who are veterans, disabled or children. He has helped implement programs to get them the help they need to get off the street, follow our laws and lead productive lives.

• Getting Homeless Crime Victims Help. Supported AB 557 to provide shelter to homeless domestic violence victims.

• Encouraging More Housing for the Homeless. Authored AB 1206 to provide an income tax credit to property owner who rent units at below market rates to a person receiving assistance from a nonprofit organization.

• Helping Homeless Youths. Supported AB 824 to initiate the “Transitional Housing for Homeless Youth Grant Program” that will help nonprofits develop life skills in homeless youths who are age 18-24. 

• Emergency Homeless Aid. Supported SB 850 to establish the Homeless Emergency Aid program for the purpose of providing localities with one-time flexible block grant funds.  

Opposing Higher Taxes

A” rated by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. Earned lifetime “A” ratings from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

Opposed the $52 billion gas tax hike. Opposed SB 1 to prevent a $52 billion gas tax hike on California families.

Prop 13.  Assemblyman Choi is committed to protecting Prop 13 and the tax savings it provides homeowners.

Making Neighborhoods Safer

During his tenure on the city council and mayor, he maintained the City of Irvine’s standing as the safest big city in America.

• 100% rated by the California Police Chiefs Association.

Protecting Domestic Violence Victims. Authored AB 446 to help protect victims of domestic violence.

• Cracked down on Sexual Predators. Co-authored AB 444 to close a loophole that allowed molesters of underage children to get off with light sentences.

• Help Victims Collect Restitution. Authored AB 596 to help crime victims collect restitution from criminals sentenced to drug diversion programs.

An Educator to Demand Excellence from our Schools

Having taught at UCI and USC as well as local community colleges, Dr. Choi knows what it takes to get the best out of our students and faculty. 

• Tutored Hundreds of Students. Through Dr. Choi’s Academy, Dr. Choi has helped hundreds/thousands of students improve their academic skills and attend the college of their dreams.

• Led Some of the Nation’s Top Public Schools. As an Irvine Unified School District Trustee, Steven Choi oversaw some of America’s top performing public schools.

• Founded Mayor’s Educational Forum. Dr. Steven Choi instituted the Mayor’s Educational Forum to help get parents more involved in the education process. He also held several conferences on helping students with autism.

• Tax Breaks for Teachers Who Use their Own Money for Classroom Supplies. Teachers often spend $1000 a year on supplies.   That’s why Dr. Choi co-authored AB 348 to give teachers a tax credit for supplies personally bought by the teacher for the classroom.  

• Pre-School Investment Fund. Authored AB 347 to expand access to and reduce the cost of pre-school education.

Make College More Affordable

Committed to helping make college more affordable, Dr. Choi authored AB 350 to reduce the cost of higher education by making 529 plan contributions tax deductible.

• Helped Reduce Student Debt and Make College more Affordable.   

• Investing in Education. Authored AB 197 to enact the “Investing in Student Achievement Act of 2018” which authorizes students who can’t afford college to fund their education by sharing a small portion of their income with an individual who lent them the money to pay for college.

• Improving Career Placement. Authored AB 1803 requiring public colleges and universities to provide career placement and job search services for five years after graduation.

Protecting our Privacy

• Protecting Consumer Privacy. Supported the “California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018” to enact sweeping new consumer privacy rules requiring that Californians have a right to know what information a business has about them.

Improving Health Care

• Tax Credit for Helping Sick Family Members. Co-authored AB 251 to provide an income tax credit for family caregivers to help with their costs of equipment needed to assist a family member, hiring a home care aid, transportation and retrofitting of homes.

• Fight Breast Cancer. Supported AB 2342 to require health plans, health insurers, and the Dept. of Health Care Services to cover breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility screening.

• Better Health Care Options. Supported AB 1309 to provide consumers additional time to educate themselves about different plan options and their costs and purchase the right health coverage.

• Fight Opioid Abuse. Backed AB 1752 to ensure all prescription medications containing opioids are in the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System database.

• Protect Victims of Sexual Harassment. Backed AB 2713 to require the state to compile and release information on sexual harassment complaints involving state employees, including information on any settlements.

• Holding Sexual Harassers Accountable. Backed SB 224 to provide that investors, elected officials, lobbyists, directors, and producers can be subject to liability if they engage in sexual harassment. Dr. Choi also authored AB 1094 to prohibit either house of the Legislature from paying any compromise or settlement of sexual harassment.

Using Audits to Fight Waste and Corruption

As mayor, Dr. Choi took on the political establishment and demanded a forensic financial audit of the OC Great Park’s expenditures to investigate the wasteful and suspicious spending of over $251 million.

• Using Audits to Expose Corruption. Ordered a forensic audit that exposed millions in no-bid contracts, political insider dealings, and a political consultant collecting $100,000/month from taxpayers.

Saved $142 million. Saved taxpayers $142 million by developing a plan to pay off pension liabilities incurred by a previous city council.

Fighting for Our Veterans

Veterans Good Jobs. Co-authored AB 160 to encourage the hiring of more veterans in the private sector.

Retired Veterans. Co-authored AB 427 seeks to exempt Military retirement pay from state income taxes

Helping Disabled Veterans. Co-authored SB 500 to help disabled veterans obtain graduate degrees.

Fighting for Renters

Renters’ Tax Credit. Co-authored SB 248 increases the renters tax credit with reforms.